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Trailed atomizers with deflector are ideal for large-sized plantations of fruits and vines. The tank is made of polyethylene and consists of three parts: the main one with filter and cover, hand-washing tank with faucet and rinsing tank. The fan is Ø700 mm (7 features with the possibility of regulation). Stainless steel tube nozzles holder. Double adjustable brass nozzle with anti-drip and ceramic nozzles. Transmission by one speed multiplier with declutch lever. The filter has the possibility of self-filling from natural sources (wells, reservoirs for water accumulation, sources, etc.). The homogenization of the preparation is accomplished by a hydro-injector. The wheels are adjustable. There is also the possibility of installing fins, electronic pressure regulator and other equipment, as stated in the accessories.






Three tanks: polyethylene with filter and cover 400/600L, hand-washing tank 15L with faucet, rinsing tank 40/60L;

Total emptying system;

Varnished steel frame;

Two ways pressure regulator;

Adjustable brass nozzle with anti-drip and ceramic plates with hole 0.8 and 1.2mm;

Stainless steel tube nozzles holder;

Multiplier drive CMV (transmission ratio 1:3.12 and 1:4.5);

Pump Dal Degan - aluminum (DL260 - 2 diaphragms, flow 60 L / min, maximum pressure 40 bar, DL4120- 4 diaphragms, flow 120 L / min, maximum pressure 40 bar);

Varnished steel diffuser;

Fiberglass fan ø 800 mm or ø 700 mm with adjustable blades with angle 20 - 45°;

Filter with self-filling possibility;

Possibility of connection of an additional system for water supply from natural sources (wells, reservoirs for water accumulation, sources, etc.);

Hydraulic injector;


Top directional fins D.700mm;

Extended hoses to the tractor cabin;

Electronic pressure regulator;

Top nozzles "LONG SPRAYING” (2 nozzles together);

Multiplier drive CMV MA502/40 transmission ratio 1:4.53 and 1:3.82, with two speed;

Cardan shaft L=800mm, with PVC plastic protection;

Surcharge for powder mixer on filter tank;

Hydraulic injector (mixer + injector);

Tank rinsing - a shower;

Manometer Φ 100 mm;

Red warning kit;

Leaves protection for 700 mm d. fan 980*225mm;

Rear bumper for diffuser D.700mm;


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