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Trailed atomizers with cannon (turbine) are ideal for high culture and vegetables. The tank is made of polyethylene and consists of three parts: the main one with filter and cover, hand-washing tank with faucet and rinsing tank. The homogenization of the preparation is accomplished by a hydro-injector. The housing of the cannon is made of polyethylene, it has a double fan Ø500 mm, and it is twisted and lowered by an hydraulic motor and an hydraulic cylinder. It includes brass nozzle with ceramic discs. Multiplier drive transmission has 2 speed and neutral position with declutch lever. The filter with an extra suction-discharge valve also allows the hose connection for additional power supply. The wheels are adjustable. There is also the possibility of installing fins, electronic pressure regulator and other equipment, as stated in the accessories.




Three tanks: polyethylene with filter and cover, hand-washing tank with faucet, rinsing tank;

Total emptying system;

Varnished steel frame;

Two ways pressure regulator;

Pump Dal Degan - aluminum DL4130 - 4 diaphragms, flow 130 L / min, maximum pressure 40 bar;

Centrifugal assembly with hydraulic adjustable spray gun;

Polyethylene aerodynamic steel housing with exit 300mm;

Double fan ø 500 mm with clutch;

Multiplier drive transmission with 2 speed and neutral position;

24 adjustable brass nozzle GEOLINE with ceramic discs Ø15mm and opening 1.5mm;

Filter (50mesh=300µm) GEOLINE with self-filling possibility;

Possibility of connection of an additional system for water supply from natural sources (wells, reservoirs for water accumulation, sources, etc.);

Hydraulic injector GEOLINE with nozzle Ø1,5mm;


Cardan shaft L=800mm, with PVC plastic protection;

Liquid filling kit with joint Φ 30mm (5 m hose + filter D.40);

Surcharge for powder mixer on filter tank;

Hydraulic injector (mixer + injector);

Tank rinsing – shower-type;

Manometer diam 100 mm;

Red warning kit;

Rear bumper;


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