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Mounted atomizers with cannon (turbine) are ideal for high culture. The tank is polyethylene and consists of three parts: the main one with filter and cover, hand-washing tank with faucet and rinsing tank. The housing of the cannon is polyethylene, it has a double fan Ø500 mm, and it is twisted and lowered by a hydraulic motor and a hydraulic cylinder. Includes brass nozzle with ceramic discs. Multiplier drive transmission with 2 speed and neutral position with declutch lever. The filter with an extra suction-discharge valve also allows the hose connection for additional power supply. The bottom hinge is realized in three points with a Ø22 / 28 mm sleeve.




Three tanks: polyethylene with filter and cover 400/600/800L, hand-washing tank 15L with faucet, rinsing tank 40/60/80L;

Total emptying system;

Varnished steel frame;

Three ways pressure regulator;

Pump Dal Degan - aluminum DL4130 - 4 diaphragms, flow 130 L / min, maximum pressure 40 bar;

Centrifugal assembly with hydraulic adjustable spray gun;

Polyethylene aerodynamic steel housing with exit 300mm;

Double fan ø 500 mm with clutch;

Multiplier drive transmission with 2 speed and neutral position;

24 adjustable brass nozzle GEOLINE with ceramic discs Ø15mm and opening 1.5mm;

Filter (50mesh=300µm) GEOLINE with self-filling possibility;

Possibility of connection of an additional system for water supply from natural sources (wells, reservoirs for water accumulation, sources, etc.);

Hydraulic injector GEOLINE with nozzle Ø1,5mm;


Cardan shaft L=800mm, with PVC plastic protection;

Liquid filling kit with joint Φ 30mm (5 m hose + filter D.40);

Surcharge for powder mixer on filter tank;

Hydraulic injector (mixer + injector);

Tank rinsing - a shower;

Manometar Φ 100 mm;

Red warning kit;

Rear bumper;

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