The Dal Degan family business is one of the largest manufacturers of plant protection equipment both in Serbia and in the world, with a tradition of over 145 years. Since its foundation, in 1870 in Mason Vicentino (Italy) and coming to Serbia since 2004, they have endeavored to keep up with technology trends and continuous technology development in all stages of production.

The main product range consists of two product groups, within which there are several types and models.

The first group consists of crop sprayers from 70 to 3000 liters designed to protect field crops from unwanted competitive plants, plant diseases and insects.

The second product group consists of atomizers from 200 to 2000 liters, designed to protect orchards and vineyards from plant diseases, insects and other pests.

We work under the motto: "Quality is our name!" 


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 Dal Degan in Serbia





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